For 120 years, we have been taking care of local traditions, offering products that respect the quality that has identified us for years.

Grana Padano

1000 years of history on the shoulders of this cheese... and don't feel it!

Not even if, like us (who have it in our DNA) you have known and produced it for over 125 years!
The world's best-selling Protected Designation of Origin cheese is youthful in its freshness and delicacy and suits all tastes. It always manages to keep up with the times!

At least 9 months of maturing, which preserves the taste and smell of milk. Never demanding, good and ready for any occasion.
A typical and guaranteed production method that uses few ingredients: MILK (strictly from a certified supply chain in the area of origin), salt, rennet and lysozyme (from EGGS).

Many men, tradition and experience + culture of a territory = a unique cheese.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Recent slogans of the Consortium for the Protection of this product have been 'It is not fabricated. It is made!’ or “The real one, it is only one!”: in both cases, we know this well because SAVIOLA also directly produces what is often considered “The King” of cheeses.

We also 'make' it in our own dairy, traditional in its methods but renewed and modern in its approach.
How? Up to over 1000 kg of milk per cauldron, to slowly cook the curd into 2 twin wheels of cheese with three simple ingredients:
certified MILK from the area of origin, salt and rennet. ...and that's it? Nothing more?
No: you are right! The experience and manual skill of master cheesemakers and at least 12 long months of maturing are added to obtain a natural and nutritious cheese, intense in flavour and aroma.
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It is for many as well as for us the 'different choice', the one with an extra care for the environment and animals, looking at Mother Nature with greater respect.

For us, who have been making cheese for so long and who want to continue to offer it for even longer, the addition of this product line was an inevitable and conscious choice.

We are convinced that in the near future sustainability will be the way forward in many respects: for us, the BIO choice has been our first small step on this important path for many years.