Self-regulation policies

Welcome to our company's corporate policies and self-regulatory codes section. Explore the details of how we strive to ensure the highest quality and integrity in every aspect of our business.

1. Integrated Policy

Saviola S.p.A.'s Integrated Policy commits the company to high standards of quality, food safety and sustainability. This document highlights the company's goals for the welfare of customers, employees and the environment, as well as compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements. Saviola S.p.A. is committed to maintaining an effective and evolving organizational system to meet market needs and continuously improve its performance.

2. Code of Ethics

Explore and learn more about the Saviola S.p.A. Code of Business Ethics, a document that embodies our commitment to integrity, transparency and respect in business relationships. At the heart of our operating philosophy, this code reflects the core values that guide our every action and decision.